7 or more home and auto insurance quotes with just your Address, Birthdate and Contact Information.

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No one likes working with call centers, it’s frustrating and feels like there is no accountability. That’s why, with ABCquote, the team that sells you your policies is the same team you call when you need help.

The best way to save is to get quotes from 7 or more regional and national carriers. Our agents work with the necessary carriers to make sure you receive the most competitive home and auto quotes in Michigan. That’s how we’re able to save 7 out of 10 people money!

When it comes to protecting what matters most, it is important that you have confidence in your agent. Our Independent Agents operate in your area and are your fellow stakeholders in the community.

You wouldn’t let someone without a license do your taxes, don’t let them sell you home and auto insurance! When you work with ABCquote you can rest assured knowing that both our service and sales team are made up of licensed professionals, continually improving their skills to better protect you.

When the unthinkable happens you want someone in your corner that you know and trust. Our local agents are here for you, from giving advice to going to bat on your behalf.

Buying home and auto insurance isn’t just about checking a box.  It is about having the security and protection you need, when you need it.  One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is paying their premium year after year without spending 15 – 30 minutes with a professional, making sure they have the coverage they need.  That’s why we’re proud to proactively reach out to our customers each year, encouraging them to spend some time making sure everything on their policies is in order.

Thanks to our latest technology, all we need is your Address, Birthdate, and Contact Info (ABC) to find you 7 or more home and auto insurance quotes from the best local and national carriers available in Michigan.

We only use your data for the reason you gave it to us, to find you the most competitive home and auto insurance quotes in Michigan.


Customer Experiences

We work with the best because you deserve the best, here’s what clients are saying about our agents.

Profile picture of satisfied home and auto insurance customer. Rick M
Home Insurance

It only took a minute to submit the form and my agent, Jim, walked me through everything in about 10 minutes before I decided to switch.

Profile picture of satisfied home and auto insurance customer. Gina A
Auto Insurance

ABCquote was able to save my family over $500 a year on our Auto Insurance!

Profile picture of satisfied home and auto insurance customer. Todd F
Home & Auto Bundle

It’s an easy process to get a quote, I literally did it while I was filling up my tank at the gas station.

Profile picture of satisfied home and auto insurance customer. Mary B.
Auto Insurance

We love that an actual person answers the phone right away. There are no lengthy automated questions we have to answer first. You all provide true customer service and great advice.

Profile picture of satisfied home and auto insurance customer. Zeke T.
Home & Auto Insurance

Thanks to your team I feel like I save a lot of money and couldn’t be happier with the claims processing so quickly! Honestly feels like having a good friend you can count on!

Profile picture of sunflowers shared by a satisfied home and auto insurance customer. Molly S.

You are always looking for ways to save us money and you have been there any time we need you. Great service

The Right Coverage + the Best Price = ABCquote.com

Experience the convenience of technology and the value of working with a professional

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Best Price

Online quoting services want you to think they offer the lowest prices. At ABCquote.com, we work exclusively with the best independent agents in your area that represent the most reliable and competitive regional and national carriers. That’s why we are able to save 7 out of 10 people money!


Right Coverage

In a world of “name your price” insurance options, we haven’t lost sight of what is most important: making sure our customers have the coverage they need at the time of a claim.

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For too long Independent Agents have been losing the technology race to large Wallstreet carriers who are more beholden to their shareholders than they are to their policyholders. Thanks to ABCquote, the convenience required to compete in today’s market is back in the hand of your community. We utilize the most secure and up-to-date technology to make having your insurance quoted by all of the top-rated carriers in your area as easy as A B C. With just your Address, Birthdate and Contact information we can complete a quote for you.

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Professional Service 

Our network of professional agents work for you, not the carrier. They have local knowledge and care about their communities. Since they work for you, they are able to advise you conflict-free while offering additional services such as coverage reviews and advocacy at the time of a claim. 

Address, Birthdate, and Contact Info

ABC is all we need to get you where you are going

ABCquote uses the information provided to get you competitive quotes using your local independent insurance agents. This process requires that we share your information with agents and carriers that we are requesting quotes from and may take a couple business days before your quote is sent to you by email and reviewed with you by a licensed independent agent.